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Ceramics and Pottery

We carry the largest selection of glazed and terra cotta pottery in Santa Barbara county. Collections that span the globe including the classic high fire terra cotta from Italy to rustic Egyptian vessels hand made with Nile river clay.

Mexico not only brings us the traditional terra cotta pots, but the brightly-glazed pottery and animal figurines with intricate handpainted designs of talavera.

From all over Asia comes alluring ceramics in both traditional and modern shapes, rich in jewel tones as well as natural and earthy  

shades. One of our best rustic and glazed pottery dealers is Campania International and it is well worth visiting their website at http://www.campaniainternational.com  to see everything they have to offer. Other great pottery websites are: http://www.asian-ceramics.com and Champa Ceramics  http://www.champaceramics.com

One of our most popular pottery sections is the 40% off terra cotta.
So whatever your garden tastes may be, you're most likely to find it at our store.

Fountains and Statuary

An elegant piece of garden art or water feature could be just what your garden needs. The soothing sounds of water, a calming gaze from Buddha or the mischievous smile of the Cheshire

cat will add a unique touch to any setting. If we don't carry what you had in mind we are happy to make a special order. You can either come in and check out our catalogues or take a look online at what one of our best vendors has to offer http://www.campaniainternational.com where you can see their on-line catalogue of fountains, statuary and pottery. 

Garden and Home Decor

From miniature fairy garden figurines to rain chains and metal suns, we always have a tremendous selection of garden and home decor as well as gifts. Because we are a garden center located on the coast we are also known for a great selection of ocean themed treasures. 

We even carry an incredible selection of fine holiday decorations during Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the biggest is Christmas. Our selection of Christmas ornaments rivals that of World Imports and Pier One.