Succulents and Agaves

Terra Sol is passionate about these plants! Our selection is one of the most diverse in all of southern California. Not only do succulents provide an architectural beauty and unsurpassed texture, but they are also low in maintenance (such as water needs) while adding fire-retardant properties to the landscape.

We enjoy providing the rare, unique, and unusual specimens, as well as the newest introductions to the trade for any collectors that visit our nursery. Terra Sol also stocks echeverias, aeoniums, euphorbias, sedums, and crassulas. In fact, there are thousands of succulents to 

choose from, ranging from 2-inch pots up to 15-gallon and 24" box specimens.

There are over 50 varieties of agaves and aloes here at Terra Sol alone. Their strong muscular forms and intricate textures are so appealing that most customers can't resist adding them to their gardens. Because they come in such a great array of colors ranging from bright yellow-greens, subtle blue-grays, and warm orangey-reds, it is easy to fall in love and fit them in any kind of landscape design. The possibilities become endless with variegations of white, cream and yellow stripes mixed in with blue, green and darker green stripes. But it doesn't stop there because some are even spotted!

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are becoming more
and more popular, and here at Terra Sol we offer a variety of succulents that are perfect for vertical plantings.