Mini Gardens

Many gardeners have extended their bonsai craft into the area of "mini gardens". Here, at Terra Sol we not only carry bonsai trees, shrubs, and succulents appropriate to plant in these tiny landscapes, but we also have furniture, pots, and accessories. 

It's a fairy's little dream!

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Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

We carry a large selection of perennials and shrubs that are appropriate for growing here in Santa Barbara. Whatever trees and bushes we don't have, we can certainly do our best to special order them for you.

Bedding Annuals and Perennials

Our selection of annuals and perennials displays a rainbow of colors - whether it is your old fashioned favorites or the newest varieties in the market.  We provide a colorful display for every season. We also carry bedding plants from Annie's Annuals & Perennials during the spring and summer.


Bonsai is a time-honored tradition and allows for gardening in 
the smallest spaces.  We offer a variety of bonsai and bonsai pots specifically designed for this ancient art. 

House Plants

House plants add a tropical touch to your home or office and 
even help improve indoor air quality. From lush and leafy green to colorful flowers and foliage, cheer up your indoor environment today and feel better about it.

Fruiting Trees

The ideal climate in Santa Barbara allows us to enjoy year-round harvests of delicious fruits from our own backyards. 
Over 15 varieties of citrus and avocados in both dwarf and full sizes can be found here. Our selection of apples, apricots, figs, peaches, plums, and guavas is specifically chosen to perform well in Santa Barbara county. Don't forget to check on our seasonal selection of blueberries, grapes, cane berries, passion fruits and more.

Vegetable and Herbs

We have a gourmet selection of vegetables and herbs for your home garden including tried and true varieties, heirlooms, and disease resistant choices as well. We stock according to the season, providing quality herbs and vegetables which will allow you to produce a fresh and healthy harvest. 

Water Plants

Aquatic plants can add a dramatic touch to your water feature. Tall stems of reeds and papyrus add structural form, while lilies and other floating plants add a tropical beauty. Not to mention balancing the biodynamic between the fauna of your pond. *Aquatic plants are only available during the spring and summer*